Turmeric is, of course, very well known as a spice and in recent years has become well known as a potential wonder cure for all sorts of ailments, not all of which is substantiated. Here we will endeavor to put into perspective what is known, what is being researched and what is false.

Turmeric came under the spotlight when it was noticed that in Asian countries where it was regularly consumed in curries, there were lower incidents of some cancers, fewer digestive problems, fewer problems with evident inflammation (joint paint etc.) and the elderly appeared more mentally alert than was the case in the West.

A flurry of research projects quickly established that there was in fact something worth looking further at. There have been hundreds of such studies and there are currently more that 20 ongoing. So, what has been established so far?

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Curcumin is known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anticancer characteristics and so has excited various researchers who believe it may have applications against chronic illnesses, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.

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It is evident that Turmeric powder and the Turmeric constituent, Curcumin, can both have beneficial effects with Curcumin being the driving force. Because Turmeric powder contains such a low percentage of Curcumin, it is now standard procedure to extract the Curcumin and standardize it to 95% before adding it to Turmeric powder in modern health supplements. Our supplement, for example, will give 300mg certified organic Turmeric and 150mg standardized Curcumin. We also add black pepper extract, which is shown to hugely increase bioavailability, and we offer you one of the strongest and highest quality Turmeric Curcumin supplements on the market .

We now know that Turmeric can assist with bile production and detoxification and health of the liver; reducing inflammation, which is a root cause of many illnesses; supporting healthy cholesterol; maintaining healthy circulation and preventing platelet aggregation; alleviation of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and sweeping up excess free radicals which can cause cell damage. This is quite astounding and there is no other natural supplement which comes close.

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You will read many claims that Turmeric Curcumin can cure cancer, Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. These claims are not substantiated but there is sufficient indication that Turmeric may have a role to play with these and other illnesses to ensure that research continues apace. There is a vast gap between Curcumin being able to clobber cancer cells in a laboratory jar and being able to do that when ingested into the human body. However, Curcumin does have the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier and it does possess some anti-cancer properties so there is hope that science will find a way to put this remarkable natural substance to even greater use in the near future

With its proven capabilities, Turmeric is a fantastic support for the immune system and this is why it was chosen as our first product and remains the firm favorite of our founder, John Wall, who will do his best to answer any queries you may have if you email him

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